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Matrix Fitness
The Versa Functional Trainer provides a range of exercise options in a smart, space-saving footprint. Incremental adjustment and a one-to-two pulley ratio make it easy to control intensity and create progressions. Details like the multi-grip pull-up bar, color-coded adjustment points and professionally illustrated placards offer intuitive operation for users and trainers. Optional storage makes it easy to organize and stow accessories for instant access, and the completely enclosed design protects the unit's moving parts while creating a solid, cohesive aesthetic on any fitness floor.
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duraSOUND™ rubber acoustic tiles dramatically reduce the sound transmission of clanking free weights in a fitness facility. Performance-engineered for a better acoustic experience for both customers and neighboring businesses, duraSOUND all-in-one fitness floor tiles control vibrations, minimize low-frequency impact noise and reduce the transmission of audible structure-borne sound by up to 40 decibels.
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Technogym's SKILLMILL offers a premiere athletic performance training solution as the first non-motorized product combining power, speed, stamina and agility training. MULTIDRIVE technology allows for seamless transitions between resistance levels to increase metabolic rates for maximum muscle activation. With Technogym's MYWELLNESS app, users can access training programs and tools to monitor and track their results, while the ergonomic design ensures full safety while performing exercises varying from sprints to all-out sled pushes.
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Mondo Zone-It magnetic flooring instantly converts any area into ever-changing fitness spaces for limitless exercise possibilities. Specified areas of a gym or club can be used for purposeful play with various activities rotating throughout the day in the same space.
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TRUE Fitness
The Composite Motion® Technology series from TRUE Fitness includes the Full-Body Press, Glute Press and Ab Crunch/Back Row. The Full Body Press (pictured) replaces numerous upper and lower body exercises — all in one fluid movement. Each machine fits users of all sizes with minimal adjustments and features maintenance-free, heavy-duty construction. Unlike standard plate-loaded equipment that tends to focus on one exercise and muscle group, the patented Composite Motion Technology integrates full-body movements with controlled movement patterns for a more effective and efficient workout experience.
(800) 426-6570

Abacus Sports Installations
Abacus Sports Installations has been supplying and installing top-quality Regupol weight room flooring since 1991. Through commitment to continued research, Abacus is able to offer high-quality weight room flooring products to this ever-developing industry. The company's customizable surfaces are possible through strong relationships with manufacturers that share Abacus Sports Installations' commitment to quality, performance and sustainability.
(717) 560-8050

The time has come for weight rooms to drop the weights. Keiser equipment — designed with our groundbreaking pneumatic-resistance technology — isn't limited by iron weight and gravity, enabling users of all ages and abilities to train at the speed of sport and life. Our full line, including functional and strength training machines, is the most efficient way for everyone from pro athletes to rehab patients to Navy SEALs to safely develop and gauge true, real-world power.
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