• AB Reader Survey: Fundraising Success Stories

    by AB Editors June 2018

    We're asking AB readers to reflect on their successful fundraising activities. Responses could be featured in an upcoming issue of Athletic Business!

  • Georgia Tech Launches Facility Fundraising Campaign

    by Ken Sugiura June 2018

    Bent on augmenting its ability to compete in the ACC and nationally, Georgia Tech announced a $125 million capital campaign Thursday, the centerpiece of which will be a $70 million project to renovate the Edge Center, which is the headquarters for Tech's athletic department.

  • Former MVP Conseco Helps Raise Funds for HS Baseball

    by Eric Walden June 2018

    Since retiring from Major League Baseball in 2002 and abandoning a comeback attempt in ’04, former American League MVP and iconoclast slugger Jose Canseco has joined up with myriad lower-level teams...

  • Couple Starts Nonprofit for Soccer Players

    by Arianne Brown May 2018

    In recent years, club soccer has become one of the most sought after and expensive sports in the U.S., costing anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 annually, not including travel and coaching fees.

  • Washington State Regents to Address Athletics Debt

    by Theo Lawson April 2018

    Washington State anticipates its multiyear athletics debt will reach $67 million by the end of the 2018 fiscal year, a school spokesperson confirmed to The Spokesman-Review Friday, and the school's board of regents will convene next week to formulate a plan to reduce the operating deficit.

  • Fitness Day Helps Keep Students Healthy, Raises Money

    by Jim Beers April 2018

    The weather cooperated with the 8th Annual Chester Grade School Fitness Day, which raised more than $15,000 for the school as well as enlightens the students to the benefits of healthy activities.

  • Augmenting HS Budgets with Athletics Sponsorships

    by John C. Barnes April 2018

    In the current economic climate, public education programs are squeezed for every penny allocated and educators are forced to make-do with less. The effect of budget shortfalls is manifested in larger class sizes, reduced bus services and fewer classroom resources. Particularly hard hit in this recession have been extracurricular programs such as athletics. Creating student participation fees, cutting back on scheduled events and dropping programs altogether have been some of the ways schools have addressed budget shortfalls.

  • Donation Helps Rec Center Reach Fundraising Goal

    by Ian Cohen April 2018

    Griffin, a Chicago hedge-fund billionaire who owns more than 15 acres in Palm Beach, agreed to donate $750,000 for the construction of the proposed Morton & Barbara Mandel Recreation Center.

  • Little League Gets $125K Donation to Renovate, Build Fields

    by Amy McDaniel April 2018

    A San Angelo resident has helped Christoval baseball move about 25 percent of the way toward a permanent home for both the Little League and high school baseball program there.

  • Niagara U Gets $1M Donation for Video Boards, TV Gear

    by Thomas Prohaska April 2018

    The university announced Tuesday that Bill McKnight's gift means the video replay boards will be installed in the Gallagher Center, the Purple Eagles' basketball arena, and Dwyer Arena, where Niagara's hockey team plays.