• Group Seeks Grant for Facilities for People with Disabilities

    by Allie Hinga August 2018

    Miracle League of Dubuque hopes to begin construction in the spring, with the new ballfield and "all-inclusive" playground opening in the fall of 2019.

  • Donor Gifts Help UNM Athletics Get Back in Black

    by Geoff Grammer August 2018

    After eight budget shortfalls in 10 years between 2008-2017, Lobo athletics on Tuesday reported it now expects the final books for the most recent fiscal year that closed on June 30 to close $221,621 in the black.

  • Did Vanderbilt Officials Undercut Stadium Fundraising?

    by Adam Sparks August 2018

    Two years after pondering preliminary plans, Vanderbilt is no closer to building a new football stadium or renovating its current one, and that lack of progress may be self-inflicted.

  • Purdue Gets $10M Pledge for Basketball Program

    by Nathan Baird August 2018

    The Purdue Board of Trustees on Friday approved the largest one-time gift in Boilermaker athletics history and the creation of the L. Dick Buell Head Men's Basketball Coaching position. If the Clay City native and 1972 Purdue engineering grad had his way, that's the last time his name would appear in this article. The retired marketing CEO behind the $10 million pledge said he isn't motivated by ego or headlines. Buell instead wants people to know why he decided to support his alma mater's basketball program so generously. It's not his first gift to the university or the athletic department, but he said "it's probably the most meaningful."

  • Start-Up Helps Schools Sell Digital Tickets, Raise Funds

    by John Reid Blackwell July 2018

    The idea behind the startup company Ticket Spicket was born about four years ago, when Roanoke resident Russell Hertzberg's daughter was playing middle school volleyball.

  • High School Athletic Complex Gets $100K Donation

    by Madhu Krishnamurthy July 2018

    The $100,000 contribution from Giovanni Rana Meal Solutions, producer and distributor of refrigerated pasta, sauces and ready-made meals, concludes fundraising for the first phase of the $1.5 million project.

  • Middle School Sports to Seek Private Funding

    by Scott O'Connell July 2018

    The district’s new middle school sports program debuting this coming school year is starting to take shape over the summer break. Made possible by a late $70,000 transfer in the school system’s fiscal 2019 operating budget last month, middle school athletics are tentatively set to start out with boys and girls volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball/softball in the spring, according to school officials. Those sports were determined through a survey, as well as based on available seasonal facility and field space. The teams, which will represent the district’s four middle schools and seventh- and eighth-graders at University Park Campus School and Claremont Academy, are slated to compete in inter-district play starting out. But Worcester’s teams also could take on other school systems in the region in the future, said the district’s athletic director, David Shea.

  • UL Players Call for Renaming of Papa John's Stadium

    by Paul Steinbach July 2018

    Two University of Louisville football players are among a growing chorus calling for the school to drop the Papa John's name from its stadium.

    John Schnatter immediately resigned his position as chairman of Papa John's Pizza, as well as his position as a UL trustee, after it was reported Wednesday that he uttered a racial slur during a May conference call. Schnatter, and not Papa John's, owns the naming rights to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

    According to the Louisville Currier Journal, university officials indicated Wednesday that no decision has been made regarding the stadium's name. 

    UL football player Seth Dawkins tweeted, "We need to change the name of the stadium ASAP," and fellow wide receiver Jaylen Smith retweeted those sentiments. Both players are black.

    Other Twitter users were just as adamant. Tweeted @dks6446, "@uofl needs to immediately remove the stadium name of Papa John Stadium to honor a decent person; not someone like John Schnatter who lacks character. I’ll never attend another game there while it bears his name!"

    Schnatter apologized for his comments, which included use of the n-word. "News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true," Schnatter said in a statement Wednesday. "Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society."

    "After speaking with John, I'm confident that his comments, while inappropriate, do not reflect his personal beliefs or values," Louisville Board of Trustees chairman J. David Grissom said in a statement, as reported by "No member of the board of trustees condones racism or insensitive language regardless of the setting. The University of Louisville embraces and celebrates diversity and is a supporter of all its students and stakeholders regardless as to their identity."

  • Tennessee to Use $4.3M Grant to Promote Student Health

    by Alex Chambliss July 2018

    The state will use the money to support strategies and activities to prevent childhood obesity, reduce the risk of children and adolescents developing a chronic disease in adulthood, and help manage chronic health conditions prevalent in Tennessee students, according to the news release.

  • AB Reader Survey: Fundraising Success Stories

    by AB Editors June 2018

    We're asking AB readers to reflect on their successful fundraising activities. Responses could be featured in an upcoming issue of Athletic Business!