The Laramie (Wyo.) Community Recreation Center had to be evacuated Tuesday morning due to a chemical spill at the facility.

Assistant city manager Todd Feezer told the Laramie Boomerang chlorine was spilled after a staff member accidentally mixed a small amount of acid into the chlorine tanks. Feezer said the chemical transfer caused and “unfortunate combination of chemicals.”

The evacuation was called to allow for cleanup of the chemicals and for any fumes to dissipate.

“We’re very grateful that we didn’t have any dangerous exposure to staff or participants or residents of this community,” Feezer said. 

First responders used air quality monitors to test the amount of toxic chlorine gas still in the rec center’s air.

“It’s just going to take some time to ensure the air quality in the building is good, and we won’t leave until we are 100 percent satisfied,” said Laramie Fire Department company officer Todd Hixon.

Hixon said his top priority was to ensure that everyone in the building was safely evacuated

“We go on our self-contained breathing apparatus that ensures our safety as far as inhaling any toxic gases or anything like that, and from there just try to assess the problem, see how we can mitigate it to do it safely,” Hixon said. 

The facility remained closed for the remainder of Tuesday but planned on reopening Wednesday.  

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.