• NBA's Grizzlies Get Jersey Sponsor

    by Peter Edmiston August 2018

    Since 2004, they've played in an arena sponsored by one of Memphis' most enduring businesses, FedEx. And now, starting this fall, the Grizzlies will play in jerseys adorned with the iconic FedEx logo. The Grizzlies announced the jersey sponsorship, the first in team history, as part of a lavish ceremony Thursday evening at, appropriately enough, FedExForum.

  • William & Mary Debuts New Athletics Logo

    by John O'Connor July 2018

    William & Mary introduced a new athletics logo Wednesday, and the dark green and gold "W" and "M" linked by an ampersand will appear on the Tribe's gold football helmets starting with the program's 125th season.

  • Ryan Holiday on Turning Business Trials into Triumph

    by Paul Steinbach July 2018

    Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said, "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way." In his best-selling book The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph, author Ryan Holiday applies words of wisdom from some of history's greatest thinkers to the modern business world. Special guest AB contributor and AB Show presenter Chantal Brodrick, host of the Fitness Business Podcast, recently asked Holiday, director of marketing for American Apparel for six years and the founding partner for Brass Check Marketing, to share his philosophies on marketing and self-discipline, as well as what AB Show attendees can expect from his keynote address — "The Obstacle Is the Way" — Nov. 9 in New Orleans.

  • Opinion: Louisville's Papa John's Call the Right One

    by Evansville Courier & Press July 2018

    New University of Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi showed bold leadership last week in removing the name of Papa John's from the school's football stadium and scrubbing the founder's name from a program in U of L's business school.

  • Indiana Pro Teams Evaluating Papa John's Relationship

    by Clifton Brown and Jenny Green July 2018

    The Indianapolis Colts and Pacers Sports & Entertainment have decried Papa John's founder John Schnatter's use of a racist term in a May conference call, and both are taking a wait-and-see attitude toward future dealings with the company.

  • How Branding Communicates School Pride, Culture and Legacy

    by Bill Massey and Emily Parris July 2018

    Brand is so much more than a physical representation of a place, a team or an institution. More than just a logo, a set of colors or a mascot, brand embodies mission, character, history, legacy — and it's an emotional driver of athletics programs from the little leagues all the way to the pros.

  • Louisville Removes Papa John's Name from Stadium

    by The Associated Press July 2018

    The University of Louisville is removing Papa John’s from its football stadium’s name after a report the pizza chain’s founder used a racial slur.

  • Incorporating Streaming Video in the Health Club

    by Jason Scott July 2018

    One might consider "streaming video" to be the rallying cry of couch potatoes, but the fact is, streaming video isn't just revolutionizing the entertainment world — it's shaking up the fitness industry, as well.

  • Oakland University Debuts Subscription-Based Ticketing

    by Jason Scott June 2018

    Oakland University announced a new ticketing strategy aimed at engaging the school's young alumni under a model many of them are familiar with: subscriptions. 

  • How Will Apparel Deals Benefit Tennessee Schools?

    by Mark Giannotto June 2018

    Memphis signed a new five-year, $11.25 million contract extension with Nike ensuring that every team will continue to receive shoes, apparel and equipment from the Beaverton, Ore., company.