• A's Hope for Full House with Ticket Giveaway

    by Jorge Ortiz April 2018

    Despite their longstanding difficulties drawing fans, it's not true the Oakland Athletics can't give away tickets to their games. Tuesday night should prove that.

  • Stemming Attrition Following Record Sales

    by Rob Bishop April 2018

    A number of factors conspired to send our membership and revenue numbers into steady decline throughout 2016. These included internal financial problems, along with increased competition in our marketplace from a low-price chain — not to mention Zumba, personal training and rock climbing studios. With the help of a consultant, we started doing things differently last year, changing our marketing, service and pricing models rather dramatically.

  • How Mobile Apps Engage Fans, Generate Revenue

    by Jason Scott April 2018

    We love our phones. We love our teams. And we love engaging with our teams on our phones. This is how sports fandom operates in 2018, with fans using mobile-connected devices and social media to declare and share their passion.

  • Little Caesars Doles Out Free Pizza for UMBC's Historic Upset

    by Patrick Johnston April 2018

    A national pizza chain dished out its lunch combo — a four-slice DEEP!DEEP! dish pepperoni pizza with a 20-ounce drink — for free Monday after March Madness lived up to its name.

  • NBA to Increase Resources for Player Mental Health

    by Jason Scott March 2018

    In recent weeks, high profile NBA players have come forward with personal accounts about their mental health struggles. All-star players Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan caught national attention for their confessions about dealing with panic attacks and depression, respectively. Now, it appears that the NBA is paying attention.

  • Business Tips for Your Club’s Personal Training Efforts

    by Rob Bishop February 2018

    As readers of this column know, last year our club revamped our membership structure to better suit the needs of our customers. We also restructured our personal training department.

  • Gym Addresses Pay Gap with 1/3 Membership Discount

    by Courtney Cameron February 2018

    “In the interest of fairness,” the Gym Lake Orion in Orion Township, Mich., will be charging women only two-thirds of the cost of the membership price for men, according to the Detroit Free Press.

  • Tourism Group Seeks to Leverage Sports Visitors

    by Christian Moody February 2018

    The Virginia's Blue Ridge tourism commission announced its effort to promote the region through sports with a kickoff event Wednesday at the Countryside Sports Complex.

  • Chief Wahoo's Removal Puts Spotlight on Washington

    by Matthew Paras January 2018

    When criticism of the use of Native American imagery and names for sports teams escalated in recent years, Washington Redskins fans could always point to the Cleveland Indians and shrug, '"At least we don't have Chief Wahoo." That argument lost a little potency Monday when the Indians announced the franchise, under pressure from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, is removing the buck-toothed caricature of a Native American from team uniforms beginning in 2019.

  • How a Customer Service Reboot Rescued Our Club

    by Rob Bishop October 2017

    After approximately 18 months of declining membership and revenue, I realized that our club was in serious trouble. As identified in this space last month, we had two big issues: poor customer service (we weren't as good as we used to be) and a seeming invisibility in our marketplace.