Courtney Cameron
( joined the staff at Athletic Business in September of 2016 as the editorial assistant. She has a bachelor’s in creative writing and French from the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, where she worked as a group exercise instructor. She enjoys hiking at Devil’s Lake and reading past bedtime.
  • Monday, October, 10, 2016
    Training Drill Backlash Costs Soccer Coach His Job

    The North Attleboro High School girls’ soccer team is left in the hands of interim coach Bill Wallace, current softball coach for the Attleboro Rocketeers, after three coaches and a coaching assistant resigned from their posts last Wednesday.

  • Friday, October, 07, 2016
    New Developments in Jays’ Beer-Thrower Prosecution

    The Toronto police have charged Ken Pagan with one count of mischief for allegedly throwing the beer can that narrowly missed Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim at the American League wild card game played in Toronto on Wednesday, though speculation about whether he is really the offender continues.

  • Thursday, October, 06, 2016
    Blue Jays Incident Revives Call for Beer Can Ban

    Almost a year after fans’ behavior led to a beer can ban in the upper decks of Toronto Blue Jays’ Rogers Centre for the remainder of the AL Championship Series, a new incident threatens to revive the ban.

  • Monday, October, 03, 2016
    HS Football Team Forfeits After Coach’s Ejection

    With 1:40 left on the clock in the third quarter, the Northview (Fla.) Chiefs of Century football team walked off the field Friday night, forfeiting the game to the Maplesville (Ala.) Red Devils. The Red Devils were leading 21-0, with Northview head coach Derek Marshman holding two consecutive penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Friday, September, 30, 2016
    Uniform Poll Last Straw for Aggrieved Volleyball Team

    David Timmerman, a member of the Ketchikan School Board, mortified the Ketchikan High School volleyball team when he stood up at a game to conduct an impromptu poll of the audience: did the uniforms make them uncomfortable? When asked, Timmerman explained that he has heard other female students say that they would participate in the sport if it weren’t for the uniform’s short shorts. 

  • Thursday, September, 29, 2016
    Ex-SDSU Women’s Coach Wins Wrongful Termination Suit

    After a three-year legal battle and four weeks on trial, former San Diego State women’s basketball coach Beth Burns was awarded $1.35 million for past and future economic losses and $2 million for punitive damages by the San Diego Superior Court for wrongful termination.