Members at an Austin, Texas, fitness club were alarmed to learn that the club was investigating a recent outbreak of mumps.

Both Tru Fit Athletic clubs in Mission are now closed due to a mumps investigation.

“I came yesterday, took the class, everything was normal, we had no idea,” gym member Leonor Torres told the Austin CBS affiliate

“We at Tru Fit Athletic clubs will be working closely with the County and City of Mission to best prevent and protect you and your communities against anything disease related,” read an email that Tru Fit sent to members.

The City of Mission called an emergency meeting to discuss the possible health threat to citizens. Local business have agreed to work with the Hidalgo County Health Department to find the source of the virus.

According to the county health department, there is one confirmed case of the mumps and nine other cases under investigation.

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.